Brain Injury Services

Uhlhorn Program
Intensive Services and Training

UHL (2)ShelterCare's Uhlhorn Program serves low income individuals who have survived a brain injury (BI or closed head injury) and are working to regain the skills necessary for independent living.

Uhlhorn residents are survivors of acquired brain injury who need training and support to prepare them for living in the community. The goal of the Uhlhorn Program is to encourage residents to reach the highest level of independence possible.

Literally thousands of head injuries occur in Oregon each year with several hundred of these individuals suffering severe and permanent disability. Rehabilitation therapies and treatments allow many survivors to return to independent living in the community. The Uhlhorn Program is a critical "link" to independence.

Residents of the 19 subsidized Uhlhorn Apartment units participate in a transitional program that provides basic skills training from a broad menu of options. The challenges resulting from head injury are as individual as the accidents and illnesses that caused the injury.

Residents work toward recovery within an individualized program that includes counseling, advocacy, health and hygiene assistance, skill building and training for independence.

Skill building classes and support groups for the Uhlhorn Program cover a multitude of topics including money management, medication management, anger management, memory skills development, meal planning and preparation, budgeting, and community orientation. Program participants use the program activities to build skills, increase their independence and graduate to a more independent community living situation.

Providing residential and support services for survivors of acquired brain injury at Uhlhorn and ShelterCare's River Kourt Apartments, often the next step in the recovery process, are nationally recognized BI programs.

River Kourt Apartments
A Longer-term Residential Recovery Option

Frequently the next step in the recovery process, the 20 subsidized units at ShelterCare's River Kourt Apartments provide a longer term residence option for low income survivors of brain injury, including individuals who have advanced in the Uhlhorn Program. Residents of River Kourt often need a less intensive program regimen yet over a longer period of time. Some residents may require life-long support to remain independent in the community.

Program activities between the Uhlhorn & River Kourt Apartments are closely coordinated and residents participate together in training classes, support groups and therapeutic outings.

River Kourt is a partnership program with Olive Plaza / Christian Church Homes, which manages the facility.


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