Community volunteers and student interns are a key part of ShelterCare’s support of our consumers and staff. Fortunately, ShelterCare enjoys strong interest from volunteer candidates and many of our volunteer and intern positions are filled very quickly. Additionally, we work hard to ensure that volunteer opportunities are both fulfilling for volunteers and compatible with the unique needs of our programs. Therefore, those interested in volunteering or interning for the agency may or may not find that there are current openings to suit their interests. We strongly encourage community members to contact us about their interest in assisting with ShelterCare’s mission to support and empower those we serve.

Typical opportunities include:

  • Serving as a companion/mentor for an adult living with a brain injury or psychiatric disability;
  • Providing transportation for consumers to social outings or appointments;
  • Working with our staff to provide skills training, case management, and other types of suport for consumers;
  • Providing administrative support for staff.
If you are interested in volunteering or participating in an internship for ShelterCare, please contact Don Gulbrandsen at 541-686-1262 or dgulbrandsen@sheltercare.org 



Download Volunteer/Intern Application


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