Emergency Services

Programs for families with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness:

Emergency Shelter and Support provides support and housing in community residential settings.

  • Homeless families with children find shelter and support at Family Housing Program in Eugene and Brethren Housing in Springfield. The vast majority of families who complete their stays leave the shelters for stable housing.

Transitional Services provides ongoing SC staff support after families leave shelter for housing in the community.

Some families are interested in and will benefit from ongoing staff support once they find stable housing in the community.

  • Transitional support for families is available to qualifying households.
  • Programs provide staff advocacy and resources to a family for an appropriate period of time following their departure from shelter.
  • The program is based at Family Housing Program, though families reside in residences throughout Lane County.
  • When appropriate, the program coordinates with other county programs to find additional resources for families on their journey to success

Homelessness Prevention keeps families from losing their housing and becoming homeless by providing small amounts of financial assistance coupled with one-on-one support and training.

  • ShelterCare's Homelessness Prevention Program, begun in July 2006, helps families with children who are at risk of homelessness to remain in stable housing. The program provides minimal financial assistance for rent or utility bills, coupled with a year of appropriate one-on-one assistance and training, to help keep these families in their homes and out of the shelter system.

Day of Caring Volunteers At Family Shelter
Day of Caring Volunteers At Family Shelter

Frequently Asked Questions about Homelessness

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