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250 Families: 1 Month To Show You Care

This October, we aim to raise $75,000 to help families facing homelessness in Lane County. This campaign is an opportunity to build a community where all families have a safe place to live. Thanks to our generous sponsors we're nearly half way to our goal. Help us raise the other half. 

How can "I ShelterCare about Homelessness"?

Make a Donation

Untitled Give a one-time donation, engage others in raising funds, or sign-up to give monthly. Click here to learn more about the different giving levels.

Deliver Hope

Send A Message Send a message of hope to a family who desperately needs your encouragement. Add a $5.00 gift to the children's "Fun Fund"

Take the Pledge  

Spread the Word Select your positive action from the menu of pledges below and spread the word among your friends by posting it to Facebook.

The Pledges:

  • I pledge to ShelterCare about homelessness by telling at least one person what ShelterCare is and does for the community.
  • I pledge to ShelterCare about homelessness by respecting the homeless and treating them as I want to be treated.
  • I pledge to ShelterCare about homelessness by learning more about ShelterCare and taking a tour of one of their programs.
  • Create your own!

Where To Go 

Pay it Forward Several local businesses are joining our campaign by hosting events, organizing raffles, or hosting a donation bank. Click here to see a list of places where you can support ShelterCare. 

Will it make a difference?

Yes!  Homelessness is a community problem.  By stepping up, you are supporting a community solution.  Thanks to your investment, families benefit from:

  • Emergency shelter, food, clothing and other supplies.
  • Financial assistance with rent, utilities and other bills.
  • Support in searching for jobs and affordable permanent housing.
  • Engagement with community resources for better health and nutrition.
  • Programming to help children thrive.
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