ShelterCare has numerous employment opportunities. We update them frequently so we strongly suggest you regularly check the Currently Available Employment Opportunities page for the positions we are offering. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply for open positions. 

Currently Available Employment Opportunities

Employment Process

We would like to explain our recruiting process at this time:

  • We only accept applications for specific positions currently available;
  • We do not accept resumes in place of completed applications nor do we accept applications that do not list a specific job title;
  • Applications will be screened and interviews scheduled;
  • All Applicants must pass a criminal background check;
  • If you are selected for an interview, you will generally be notified within approximately 2-4 weeks;

Because of the large number of applicants, we are not able to contact applicants who are not selected for an interview.

Thank you again for your interest in ShelterCare. Our best wishes in your career endeavors.

Employment Philosophy

ShelterCare employees must bring to their work a deep sense of purpose aligned with the vision of the agency. The success of agency services depends upon employees who are motivated by their work and inspired to do their best. The agency emphasizes personal performance and values an environment that empowers the individual.

The dignity of individuals and families is of utmost importance to ShelterCare. Program policy decisions are made with sensitivity and respect for the individuals and families affected. The agency seeks to provide employees and participants with a caring community that supports them in the context of the work and service environment.

Human service programs are successful when built upon communication and cooperation. The agency’s management team strives to provide a work environment that fosters excellence, commitment, openness and satisfaction. Programs are organized into service teams where responsibilities and expertise are shared to provide flexibility and accountability, consistency and excellence in the delivery of services.

Equal Opportunity 

ShelterCare provides equal opportunity to all its employees and applicants for employment in a manner that assures full compliance with local, state and federal law. In hiring, the agency affords equal treatment to all without regard to race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex/gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or physical or mental handicap. The policy is applicable to terms and conditions of employment, rates of compensation, participation in program-sponsored activities and opportunity for advancement except where there is a bona fide occupational qualification or statutory requirement which would preclude such.