You Can Turn A Night Out Into Sweet Dreams


“My first night, I slept for 12 hours. It was the first time, in a long time, that I felt safe and comfortable.”

Those are the words of a ShelterCare client who finally had a place to sleep after months of living on the street.  We are able to offer a good night’s sleep to people in our community because of folks like you.  There are only two simple questions:

            Do you want to help other people like this have a place to sleep?


            Would you like to make that possible while enjoying a glass of local craft beer?

If you answered “yes” to both, we have good news for you! During April, Elk Horn Brewery will donate $1.00 to ShelterCare for every pint sold of their Ducks Blue Ribbon (DBR) beer as part of the company’s “Beer-Cause-We-Care” program. "We are big believers in helping where and how we can" says Elk Horn Brewery owner Colleen Sheehan. To kick off the campaign, ShelterCare will be at Elk Horn Brewery (686 E Broadway St) on April 1 from 4-6 p.m.  We hope to see you there!

Funds raised will be used to buy 15 new bed frames, mattresses and mattress covers to provide a comfortable place to sleep for clients moving into new apartments in our programs. For someone struggling with homelessness, a good night’s sleep is a distant dream. You can make that dream a reality. Help us turn beer into beds! 

ShelterCare Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2015

IMG_6591New Lobby Creates a Safe Space and Special Moments

Since opening our doors in October, Jessica Johnson has been the warm, friendly face greeting everyone who comes to ShelterCare. Recently, Jessica transitioned to a new position, Supported Housing Office Manager. During her time in the front lobby she witnessed many special moments. Here are a few stories from Jessica’s seat at the front desk.

Hope can entail help, empathy, compassion, direction or purpose. At times, all it takes to give hope is a friendly smile and caring ear. At the front desk I was not only able to be a part of this mission, but I could observe hope as it happened. I found this experience to be nothing shy of awe-inspiring. More often than not, I was our client’s first experience at ShelterCare. Not only was this a big responsibility, but it was an honor as well.

Stories That Inspire

Asking for help can be a humbling and uncomfortable experience for many. A woman came to my counter speaking in a whisper so that others would not overhear. I looked her in the eyes and assured her that sometimes the hardest part was telling someone you need help. and that she was brave for being able to do so. This woman broke into tears and talked to me at length about how she had found herself in this situation. I reassured her that any of us could find ourselves in a similar situation and that she should hold her head high.

People fall upon hard times for a multitude of reasons. Our Homeless Prevention Program gives those in need a hand up. One man, a military veteran, came in need of assistance quicker than we are typically able to accommodate. Rather than directing him to the standard channels, our main screener, Eddie, came out to the lobby and sat down beside him to discuss his specific situation. Eddie was able to prevent eviction and keep this person from homelessness that very day! Although this is amazing in and of itself, what happened next is what was sincerely moving. This man stood up and thanked Eddie for helping him. Eddie shook his hand, looked him in the eye, and said, “You are welcome sir, and thank you for your service to our country.” I was immediately humbled by such a profound moment of mutual respect and hope.

I am honored to be part of an organization that not only provides hope, but serves it up with a healthy dose of dignity.

- Jessica Johnson | Supported Housing Office Manager

To read the full newsletter click here.

Oldfield’s Appliance & Home Theatre Seeks to Build Stronger, Caring Community

Joel Rimmer, vice president of Oldfield’s Appliance & Home Theater, believes that a community is only as strong as the people who live there.

oldfield's, shelter care

“We have been blessed to have been a part of the Eugene/Springfield community as a family owned business since 1936,” said Rimmer, whose company sells, installs and services major appliances and home theater equipment. “We are part of this community and have raised our families here. We believe that by helping those institutions who provide direct services to people in need, we are helping to build a stronger and more caring community.”

Oldfield's Appliance and Home Theater, stove, refrigerator, ShelterCare
The appliance and home theater company sold ShelterCare a refrigerator designated specifically for use by agency clients and a stove. Both were provided at heavily discounted prices.

Recently, the company helped ShelterCare install a variety of major kitchen appliances in the agency’s new Center for Programs and Services. Oldfield’s provided the equipment at deeply discounted prices. Inventory included a refrigerator designated for use by agency clients meeting with counselors and staff, a stove, a washer and a dryer.

“We became aware that ShelterCare was in need of some appliances for their new facility and we’re happy to be a part of (that effort),” he said.

ShelterCare gives a big thanks to Joel and the entire Oldfields’ Appliance & Home Theater team for ShelterCaring about Homelessness.

Heeran Center Residence

Statement From Susan Ban, Executive Director, ShelterCare, concerning Heeran Center's Closure

The state of Oregon has closed ShelterCare's Heeran Center Residence. The state has moved Heeran Center clients to other service providers throughout the state of Oregon.  ShelterCare disagrees with the state's decision.  In the state evaluation, ShelterCare's Heeran Center earned excellent marks in many areas and we believe that ShelterCare met or exceeded standards for client care.

The Heeran Center will close due to to the high cost of keeping it operational while generating no income during what would be expected to be a lengthy appeal process. Due to the Heeran Center's closure, 24 staff members have received lay-off notices and have been encouraged to apply for open positions with other ShelterCare programs.

During the past 21 years, clients have always been Heeran Center's highest priority.  Our team has provided quality care that has led to client success and recovery.  ShelterCare continues to manage six other programs serving 1,400 clients in the Eugene-Springfield community. 

Healthy Homes

Join ShelterCare in creating safe and restorative housing for people rebuilding their lives – from the foundation to the roof.  ShelterCare's Healthy Homes initiative is a chance for you to help in this effort. It includes a variety of projects that will not only improve our facilities, but more importantly improve the lives of the people that reside in them. Learn More Here.

Western Shelter Systems

During last year’s Healthy Homes campaign, Western Shelter Systems donated a shelter to our Shankle Residence in Springfield as a private meeting space for group therapy sessions.