Campaign Complete!

Thanks to everyone who was a part of our StartSomeGood campaign to purchase bed sets. We had 19 backers and raised $3,374, which will help us purchase about 11 new bed sets! We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed and helped this wonderful campaign.

In the coming weeks keep your eyes peeled for our pillow fight video. We had three staff members who were selected to receive pillow hits, they are:

Craig Norton JPEG-1
Craig Norton will receive two pillow hits.
Robin Tiedeman will receive one pillow hit.
Jim Hukari will receive one pillow hit.


One Week Left to Start Some Good!

Thanks to our 14 Start Some Good Backers, we have raised $2,520 which is enough to purchase eight full bed sets! 

Each bed set purchased represents a good night’s sleep we are giving to a community member in great need. These individuals have struggled to find a comfortable and safe place to sleep or have tossed and turned worrying about an unstable living situation.  

At ShelterCare, our goal is to provide a sanctuary where individuals can focus on rebuilding their lives. Two key challenges they typically face are learning to manage the symptoms of their mental illness and recovering from acute and chronic medical conditions.  Meeting both of those challenges begins with a good night’s sleep.

Next Friday, May 15, marks the end of our campaign and we would love to hit our goal of 15 beds sets.  Start Some Good with ShelterCare Today:

Half Way There With Two Weeks to Spare

We have some great news to share: We have reached the tipping point in our campaign to purchase beds! This guarantees we will be able to purchase seven full bed sets, getting us a little over halfway to our goal.

We still have work to do, though.

Just two weeks are left in our campaign, so there is still time to get  involved. Gifts at any level make a big impact.

We have had four donors give at our "pillow fight" level. These donors have selected which staff member they would like to see get a pillow hit. 

The tally stands as follows: 


You can pick your "target" for only $25. Join us today:

Eugene Artist Carries on Father’s ShelterCare Legacy

ShelterCare’s Uhlhorn Program is one of the only programs in Oregon that houses and supports low-income individuals who have survived an acquired brain injury. In fact, the program is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015.

Kris Uhlhorn, Bill Uhlhorn at ShelterCare's Hawthorn, Eugene, Oregon, ShelterCare
Kris and Bill Uhlhorn at ShelterCare’s Hawthorn Program

Challenges resulting from brain injuries vary wildly in nature and severity. Fortunately, program participants benefit from individualized plans to increase independence and develop life skills.

While the program’s namesake, Bill Uhlhorn, didn’t live to see the program’s launch, his efforts to help Eugene’s most vulnerable community members during the 1980s paved the way for the program’s ultimate success.

uhlhorn program, eugene, oregon, brain injury
Kris Uhlhorn with father, 2015.

“Besides having a huge heart and really caring about people, he also had the fire and desire and energy to grow ShelterCare,” said Kris Uhlhorn, Bill’s son. “(As ShelterCare Executive Director), he worked tirelessly to get the community involved, and raise money and support.”

In an effort to further establish his family ties to ShelterCare, Kris has been a significant contributor to Expressions: An Art Benefit for ShelterCare. As an accomplished glass blower for the past 18 years, Kris donated his work to the event in 2014 and again this year.

“I definitely have a desire — like much of my family — to help those less fortunate,” Kris said. “I’ve been blessed with a career that I love in glassblowing, and have been relatively successful with that. With anything that I do, I want to be able to help and share my success with those in the community.”

The Expressions event gives Kris — who moved to Eugene in 1976 — a chance to build an even stronger connection to both the agency and his father, who passed away in 1988 after a sudden heart attack.

“It’s a great opportunity to stay connected with my father’s legacy, and to try and help out and raise money for ShelterCare,” Kris said.

When it comes to glassblowing, Kris said process is just as important to him as the finished piece.

“What has allowed me to be a successful businessman is my dedication to the production process,” he said. “More so than ever wanting to be an artist, I wanted to create processes that allowed things to work smoothly and efficiently.”

Each piece — which he signs and dates — takes between two to five minutes to finish. He added that he has never spent more than a half hour on a single piece. This efficiency has allowed him to create hundreds of thousands of items.

“I’ve developed a process that allows me to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass faster than just about anybody I’ve met (in the industry),” he said.

Kris Uhlhorn, glassblowing, Eugene, Oregon, ShelterCare
Kris at work.

Like his father, Kris has a passion for helping people in his community. For him, coaching youth sports is his driving force, which he compares to the glass-blowing process.

“(Glassblowing) is kind of like coaching, just being efficient with the time that you have with the kids,” he said.

When it comes to community involvement in the Uhlhorn family, it’s safe to say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

SELCO Community Credit Union: ‘People helping people’

"The spirit of credit unions is 'people helping people.' That philosophy is present within our credit union," said Kasey Easley, SELCO Community Credit Union communications specialist. 

ShelterCare knows this philosophy very well.

Selco, sheltercare, eugene, oregon

SELCO will again be the title sponsor for ShelterCare's art benefit, "Expressions." The event, slated for May 21 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the University of Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, showcases dozens of local artists who donate their work to auction to raise money for the agency. Last year, with SELCO's help, ShelterCare raised more than $20,000 through the event.

"We have been extremely fortunate to have SELCO as the title sponsor of this benefit for four years," said Lucy Vinis, ShelterCare Director of Development. "They play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission to help the community's most vulnerable members."

sheltercare, homelessness, eugene, university of oregon"People deserve to have access to basic needs, and ShelterCare does a wonderful job providing those services," Easley said. "Often, these services have a ripple effect and can lead to great, positive change in a person’s life. Our partnership with ShelterCare aligns with our mission—working together is a perfect fit!"

At SELCO, giving back is a deliberate part of the culture, she said.

sheltercare, homelessness, eugene, university of oregon

"Our management has built in several layers of giving; we give from the corporate level, a localized branch level, and at the employee level," said Easley. "Our team members work to make a positive impact in our communities both inside and outside of our branches. To us, the organizations we support are another way of reaching community members who need it the most. Our role is to serve others, and supporting non-profits is just one of the ways we do that."


SELCO helps people in all walks of life achieve their financial goals through saving, borrowing, and investing. We focus on developing life-long relationships with our members by offering a full range of financial solutions – everything from banking and loans, to investments and insurance. As a cooperative, member-owned financial institution, our focus is on returning the best value to our members through competitive rates and personal service.