Scavenger Hunt: Join the fun this month!

Ready? Set? Seek! 

ShelterCare's first scavenger hunt is about to take off. Throughout July, we challenge you to put your thrift shop or yard sale skills to the test to support our clients in need.

We hope to organize five teams that will gather household furnishings for ShelterCare clients during the month. Teams may be made up of family members, church groups, co-workers, etc. 

Over the next several weeks, teams will seek out and purchase needed items to earn points. At the end of the month, the team with the most points will receive a very special trophy.

Come join the hunt! Photo courtesy of
Come join the hunt! Photo courtesy of

Scavenger hunt organizer and ShelterCare supporter Carlos Barrera said he already has a head start. Even as teams are still forming, household items have already started coming in.

"College students have been contributing a lot," said Carlos. This includes everything from dish drying racks to furniture to hairdryers and lamps. “I enjoy treasure hunting. It’s a way for me to do something I enjoy while helping people at ShelterCare.”

Want to join the fun? For more information or to register your team, e-mail Kelly Johnson at

A Total Team Effort: Garden Place Earns Flawless Audit Report

IMG_5793Garden Place, which offers a home-like residential setting for 12 ShelterCare consumers with severe and persistent mental illness, has a lot to be proud of.

On June 12, Garden's biennial license review was conducted by the state of Oregon and Lane County. This 2.5-hour audit process is intense, and required a tremendous amount of preparation work and attention to detail.

Audits at Garden — a program that serves adults with a high level of psychiatric care in a secure setting — is state funded and state regulated. These audits are conducted to ensure compliance with state regulations in areas such as consumer safety, facility maintenance and healthcare delivery.

“The team at Garden worked so hard to get this right,” said Susan Ban, ShelterCare executive director. “They’ve been working for weeks to make sure they were meeting all points on the state’s checklist. This includes everything from facilities inspections to how we are doing with medications to how we are managing the clinical records to what the residents’ bedrooms look like to whether the backyard is secure.”

And get it right Garden did: The audit had no findings  — which means no areas of concern — and just a handful of suggested improvements. This “no findings” result doesn’t happen often.

“We did great. There were absolutely no findings, which is really, really rare to have that happen,” said Dana Millard, Garden program manager. “It was a really awesome team effort, and a great thing to see this group come together. Everyone did a little something above and beyond.”

Garden consumers even pitched in as well, Dana said.

“They were straightening up their rooms a little more often, and they were really open to letting (auditors) come in to check out their rooms,” said Dana. “They took pride in that as well. They were really open and patient.”

The audit’s significance was not lost on Craig Norton, ShelterCare’s director of programs.

Said Craig: “With recent events on our minds, getting ready for this review was nerve racking to say the least. Each and every one of the Garden staff rose to the occasion and did an exceptional job.”

Craig also thanked the maintenance team, electronic medical records personnel, human resources department and the clinical department for their support.

Lane County reviewers (on behalf of Housing and Urban Development) also recently gave the agency’s Family Housing Program and Homelessness Prevention Program excellent audit scores. Susan said these findings simply validated what ShelterCare has always known.

“Our staff has always been impressive, but it’s really nice to have a score from the state that says, “Yes, you are as impressive as we’ve always thought you to be,’” she said

Yard Sale Treasures

download (1)ShelterCare is launching our first scavenger hunt!

This July put your thrift shop or yard sale skills to work for a great cause. We’re looking for five teams to compete in gathering household furnishings that will enable our clients to get a fresh start. Teams will seek out and purchase needed household items throughout the month and earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the month will receive an amazing trophy!

For more information or to register your team email Kelly Johnson at

Big Hearts Make Big Smiles

Daisy Troop 20529 just made a special delivery! This caring group youngsters selected ShelterCare to receive Girl Scout cookies that people purchased but did not want. They delivered nearly 100 boxes of cookies that will be given to clients in our programs.

This small treat will bring big smiles to community members in need. We are extremely grateful for the big hearts in this group of little ones. They are also making scarves to donate at the holiday season. Way to go Troupe 20529!

Girl Scout Cookies

ShelterCare Pillow Fight: The Results

As part of our recent "Start Some Good" campaign to raise monies for bedding, six ShelterCare employees were forced — we mean volunteered — to be struck with a pillow for every donation received at the $25 level. The six contestants were Susan Ban (Executive Director), Craig Norton (Director of Programs), Jim Hukari (Program Administrator – Supported Housing), Robin Tiedeman (Clinical Supervisor), Lucy Vinis.